Love Notes

Received my magazine….I love it! Can’t wait to give it to hubby on our anniversary which is on 5/19. I’ll let you know how he likes it. I’m sure he’ll love it! Thanks again!

  Eve H.


You were friendly, and personable you talked to me. Please note the 4 has nothing to do with you it was me that I was a little uneasy were superior.

Vanessa L. 

twitterhe [husband] loved them…I still look at them in disbelief, you did a wonderful job, thank you again!

                                                                                              Lenay S.



Oh wow!!! That’s me!!! You did a wonderful job!!!! Thank you!!!

Carletta R.


Hi Olesha —

I just wanted to let you know I received my album, and it looks beautiful!:)

As you can imagine, my husband loves it, too! Thank you again for everything!

Heather W.


OMG!!!!! I love them they are so gorgeous and I am so pleased and excited!  My husband loves them!  I

am having a hard time already becuase I can only choose twenty and I love at least 60 of them hands

down but I will narrow them down.  Girl you are the bomb and you know I am telling the world about

you!  Well I am going to continue looking.  Thanks again Olesha wonderful work!!!!!!



I love it!!! To much booty in the pants! My fav shots…… {licking lips}

K.Webb ( In response to wife’s boudoir album)


I LOVE these pictures!!! Thank you so much – these are absolutely fabulous:)Also, the album is sooooo amazing!


I love it!! Thanks again – there are really amazing – I feel so beautiful:)

Victoria D.



Today was amazing. You allowed me to feel so good about myself… I really appreciate that.

Its been a long week but thanks to you I was able to take time for myself and feel OH so good. You’re

the best. Love you!


This is the second time we have allowed Olesha to capture memories for us. Both times, the

experiences were incredible!!!!! Olesha is so fun that you have no choice but to unwind, get comfy and

ENJOY! She has a gift and has perfected the art of photography. Why choose the rest, when you can

choose the best?

                                                                                                 K. Webb


Well the budoir shoot was a great idea. It was very professional, creative, and fun. I would love to do

another shoot with u!                                                                                                                 

        C. White


Olesha has an eye for beauty that defies any stereotype. As plus size, full figured woman, I never

thought I could look beautiful in lingerie. Olesha has definitely made that possible for me, and for that

and her I am more than grateful. Keep up the great work!                                                                                                                           



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